X-Rays provide valuable information about your dental health. They allow your dentist to pinpoint the root cause of your toothaches and pains and help you treat them. Your dentist can use X-Rays to help you find cavities, check for impacted teeth, examine the alignment of your jawbone, and treat TMJ symptoms. X-Rays should be a routine part of every visit to the dentist. However, if you still rely on traditional X-Rays over digital radiography, you could be missing out. These are five reasons digital X-Rays may be the future.

1) Digital radiography can reduce radiation exposure by up to 80 percent if you are concerned about radiation levels during a traditional X-Ray session.

2) While traditional Xrays require the development of film, digital Xrays are able to provide instant results since there is no need for a film to develop. The images can instead be viewed on a computer screen in seconds.

3) Digital X-Rays can be easily sent and shared. These images can be sent anywhere in the world within minutes of being created. It is now possible to send your X-Rays immediately to a surgeon or specialist or to switch dentists without having to go to your office.

4) Traditional X-Rays cannot be used to improve the image quality after it has been developed. Digital X-Rays allow you and your dentist to zoom in, crop, adjust color or contrast, and enhance the image for clarity. This makes it easier to examine the images.

5) Digital radiography is also better for the environment because it does not use toxic chemicals to develop the film or process it.

Digital radiography is available at many dentists in the United States. Ask your dentist if they offer Digital X-Rays Cornelius NC to help with your dental care or any care you might need.

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